Tenant Screening


Avantus tenant screening protects your personal information in the lease application process.

When a landlord uses Avantus as their background screening service, your personal information is protected. The landlord will never see information such as your Social Security number or bank account numbers. This way, your sensitive information remains safe.

Plus, your credit score won't get 'dinged' when you use Avantus. When someone else retrieves your credit report, it places an inquiry on your record. Too many inquiries can bring down a credit score. With Avantus however, you are the one initiating the request for your own file, so it's termed a 'soft hit' on your history, which doesn't impact your credit.

How it works

Unlike traditional screening methods, Avantus tenant screening is all online. You'll receive an email request from the landlord with a link to our site. Simply create a secure account in seconds, review the landlord's request and choose whether or not to grant consent. The landlord receives notification instantly, helping to speed up the rental application process and keep your personal identifying information more secure.


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